Bookmaking at Kyujanggak

This Spring, I did a 10-session bookmaking “internship” at the Kyujanggak conservation lab, which I wrote about previously. My teachers were Min Youjin (민여진) and Kim Shinmi (김신미), both of whom trained at the conservation studio of Park Chi-sun (박지선), conservation professor at Yong-In University. Min Youjin also studied book conservation at West Dean in England.

me and teachers
Me and my teachers

They were wonderful mentors and teachers, patiently demonstrating different techniques and giving me many opportunities to get hands-on experience. By the last day of my internship I came away with six finished and three unfinished book models, many samples of dyed, lined, and burnished papers, and loads of photos which I will share in a series of posts covering various aspects of what I learned.

Historical book models
Concertina bindings: indigo-dyed and burnished hanji (left), gardenia seed + alder tree-dyed and burnished hanji (right)

Feel free to visit any related posts to learn more about my experience working on these books at the Kyujanggak conservation lab:

Enjoy! And feel free to contact me with questions or comments.


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